Radiographs (also known as X-rays) are an essential tool for diagnosing a wide range of conditions from cardiac and respiratory disease to bone fractures and even abdominal illnesses. By performing radiographs on site we get results immediately, facilitating the treatment of even the most urgent problems. Dr. Craig Reeves is also accredited as a Penn Hip radiologist to provide you with the most effective means of screening young dogs for their risk of developing hip dysplasia.


Ultrasonography is the use of sound waves to create images of internal structures. You have probably seen ultrasound images of babies during pregnancy. We use ultrasonography for confirming pregnancy and evaluating the health of puppies and kittens too. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Ultrasonography is also an extremely powerful tool for diagnosing internal disease in our pets. Where a growth is found, biopsies may be able to be obtained under ultrasound guidance to determine whether the growth is cancerous or not. This may avoid the need for exploratory surgery to make a diagnosis. Berwick Springs Veterinary Hospital is fortunate to have vets with advanced skills in ultrasonography.