Berwick Springs Veterinary Clinic and Hospital offers a full range of vaccinations for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. We have known for a long time that vaccinations are invaluable for preventing debilitating and potentially fatal diseases in our loved ones. However, did you know that your pets’ vaccination program should be tailored to suit your pets’ specific lifestyle, rather than just using an off the shelf vaccination regime. By personalizing a vaccination program for your pets we can ensure they have optimal protection whatever lifestyle they enjoy.

Parasite prevention

Internal and external parasites are a common cause of discomfort and illness for pets as well as posing a serious health risk for the rest of your family. With so many products on the market, it is easy to spend a fortune on products that prove to be ineffective, either because they are inferior products or do not suit your pet’s lifestyle. Berwick Springs Vet Hospital offers a range of effective parasite prevention solutions along with the right advice to ensure that the parasite prevention program you are using is right for your specific circumstances. This means optimal protection for your loved ones and peace of mind.

Health monitoring

At Berwick Springs Veterinary Hospital we are passionate about providing you and your pet with the best vet health care available, to ensure that your pet experiences the best quality of life possible. Unfortunately, your pet cannot tell us when something is wrong and they will often hide early symptoms from you as well. This is what makes regular health checks and testing so important. Regular blood and urine testing can detect diseases like kidney failure, abnormal thyroid function and diabetes far earlier than a physical examination alone, allowing medical care to be started before a crisis develops. This offers the potential to significantly prolong your pets’ life and avoid the unnecessary suffering associated with delayed diagnosis.