Internal medicine

Our integrated approach to internal disease means your pets can benefit from leading diagnostic procedures, medical care and where necessary surgical expertise all in a single location.

Intravenous Drip

Intensive care

Berwick Springs Veterinary Hospital has the facilities and capability required to provide advanced critical care treatments such as cross matching and blood or plasma transfusions, feeding tube placement, intravenous drip therapy, constant rate drug infusions and urine output monitoring. Where overnight intensive care is required this can also be arranged at a nearby emergency centre.


Caring for pets who are fighting cancer requires a integrated approach which includes advanced diagnostic testing, detailed knowledge of cancer biology, surgical expertise, chemotherapy experience and effective palliative care. At Berwick Springs Veterinary Hospital, we understand that cancer care must be individualized to meet the needs of each affected pet and their owners. You can have confidence that we will discuss all of the options available and give you a realistic understanding of the prognosis associated with each different approach.


Our pets can suffer from a wide range of eye conditions, some of which are mild and others which can result in blindness if not treated effectively. At Berwick Springs Vet Hospital we know the difference and can ensure your pet gets the care they need whether it be medication for a minor infection or referral for cataract surgery to restore their vision.


Australia’s hot and dry climate means that our pets experience more skin problems than just about anywhere else in the world. Successfully treating skin disease relies on an accurate diagnosis and this requires both experience in recognizing patterns of skin disease and expertise with laboratory testing. At Berwick Springs Veterinary Clinic and Hospital, our in-house laboratory facilities give us the capability to confidently diagnose skin infections and lumps during the initial consultation so that you can have immediate peace of mind and we can start treatment sooner.


As our pets live longer, they (just like humans) are increasingly having to live with heart disease. Recent advances in cardiology mean that most pets with heart disease can experience greatly improved quality and duration of life if given optimum treatment. Berwick Springs Vet Hospital brings together cardiac radiology, ultrasonography, electronic heart monitoring and years of experience to provide your loved ones with the quality care they deserve.