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Breed Test


Where does Max get his curly tail from?  Why does he love digging holes in the garden? Your dog may not be able to tell you the answers – but his DNA can. Wisdom Panel Professional, the most comprehensive mixed-breed DNA blood test on the market, can help explain a mixed-breed dog’s ancestry.

Breed Analysis
" Wow Jenny’s breed report is really interesting. I can definitely see the behavioral traits that the report mentions. The weight predictor is spot on".

Roughly 3 million dogs in Australia are mixed breed and it’s likely that many owners are unsure of their pet’s breed composition. With the simple blood test, Wisdom Panel Professional can determine the ancestry of a mixed-breed dog by testing for more than 225 breeds, the largest database on the market. Within three weeks, you will be e-mailed an official Ancestry Report that reveals the dog’s genetic background tracing back 3 generations.


Learning more about the history of breeds and any possible breed-related disorders can help you and your veterinarian develop a custom health and wellness plan for your dog.


“The Short Haired Pointer didn’t surprise us but the English springer spaniel was unexpected. It may however explain some of her behavioral traits “


The all-knew Australian canine DNA test is designed to help you be smarter about your dog. Dogs are like people, they inherit physical traits and characters from breeds in their family tree.


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